For College Students and Teachers
this is a Lucrative and Fascinating Summer Job

     With summer vacations that typically range from two to three months long, the opportunity to get paid to travel to a host of desirable destinations for pay averaging $1,000 a week makes this one of the most attractive of all ways to spend that time.

     Production rates of both RVs and specialty vehicles increases during the spring every year, and then continues at peak throughout the summer months. Consider, for example, the fact that many school districts take delivery of their new school busses each summer, before the new school year begins. During these months of higher production, companies need additional drivers to supplement the regular, year-'round driver workforce, to meet that higher demand. One company in Ontario, Canada has told us, "We can't get enough students during the summer." That would be surprising, but for the fact that most people are unaware that this job even exists, since it goes on around everyone pretty much unnoticed. Thus, companies often need to actively seek drivers.

     This is a summer job that can be applied for and locked in at any time during the year. Imagine being able to do that in, say, October, and then being able to just move right into it, hassle and concern-free, when the last class gets out, months later. That said, though, it is particularly nice that getting hired is easiest during the months of April, May, and June, while the vehicle-production rates are rising. If you're reading this during that time frame, and don't yet have summer work lined up, it's still very possible to do so.

     Do you have a friend with whom you'd like to spend the summer doing this? This is an adventure that's even more fun when it's shared!