There's only one school on earth that fully enables you to obtain the job of delivering brand-new RVs and specialty vehicles from their 4,000+ manufacturing locations to the tens of thousands of dealerships and customers that they serve, and then start earning at the rate of $50,000 to $60,000 a year doing it -- and you've been visiting its website.

     We regard all of our customers to be students because we provide you with a unique HOME-STUDY COURSE. It takes a total of about six hours of study time in the stress-free comfort of your own home -- in time-segments of your own choosing -- to initially complete. But the education we impart to you is so detailed, we recommend further periodic review of these resources in order to achieve full proficiency. We consider you to have passed this course with flying colors by studying these resources well. There are no required tests to be taken. And you also will find these materials very useful to carry along with you on your trips.

     If you still have any unanswered questions, please feel free to use the buttons at the bottom. The "Navigator" buttons that you find on most of this website's pages will always provide you with pull-down menus filled with topics of interest. The pages to which those lead when you click on the "Go" button after making your selection, provide you with the answers to a wide range of questions.

     Now -- if you're ready to take the course and then graduate, and start roaming your whole continent, and maybe some additional ones, for pay, here's how to order.

The Resource Package

     You will receive the following Course Materials:

The Complete E-Book on CD Handbook & Guide
for This Line of Work. The brand-new, 2012 Edition.
171 pages, 8-12" x 11".
Audio Compact Disk
80-minute Instructional
CD that contains Additional Material
and repeats portions of the Book
that are useful to hear while driving.
Major Database of
Prospective Employers
Provides detailed information and links
for hundreds of Prospective Employers
from all over the world, with particular
emphasis on the USA, Canada,
and Australia.
FREE BONUS, while Supplies Last!
The current BOUND Textook.
It is 160 pages long and 8-1/2" x 11".
Once these are gone, all future books
will be in the form of the E-Book on CD.
First-come, first-served!

     The price of all of the above course materials and placement resources is $49.90, plus shipping and processing. The shipping charge varies depending upon the type of shipping you desire, and the location to which the package goes. That is calculated within the Shopping Cart, per your choice, if you place your order using a credit or debit card of any of the four major types. (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.) To place your order this way, using our secure order page, just click on the "To Order" button below.

     BEFORE you click on the button -- which will take you to the Shopping Cart so you can order online with either a credit or debit card -- please be aware that a Special SALE currently is in effect for all who choose to order via Snail Mail! If you use the Order Form that is beneath the button, and mail us either a check or a money order, we will include a FREE instructional DVD in your order and we will waive the shipping charge!. Just copy the Order Form (or provide the information that it asks for), below, and follow its instructions. This mail-in option and sale is available to all who are in the USA and Canada. (Overseas orders may be placed only via the shopping cart.)

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If you prefer to order by mail instead, please use the form below, or provide the proper information.
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   Enclosed is a check or money order payable to Travel in the amount of $49.90 in U.S. funds.

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Limited-Time Sale!  FREE Instructional DVD is included, and FREE Shipping for all Mailed-in orders.

Then -- the above order information and your remittance should be mailed to this address:

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