Vehicle-Delivery Job -- Endorsements

by Radio & TV Network Experts on Travel and the Economy

     March 1, 2009, marked 30 years that we here at Driver Services have been the key gateway to this unique job, and over those three decades since 1979, we have been proud and happy to have assisted and empowered tens of thousands of people to move from mundane and often unenjoyable jobs into one that never ceases to fascinate. We all go around only once, so why not enjoy life? This is the most risk-free and uncomplicated way that I know of to make a very respectable income while living a continuing and enthralling adventure. It's perfect for all who love to travel, and it literally can turn the whole world into your back yard. (To learn more about how to do that, click a green button and select, "frequent flyer.")

     Since that day, decades ago, when the first edition of our complete handbook & guide came off the press, many experts in radio, TV, and the print media have taken note of it, and have had me on their shows as a guest. Some of the best-known of the more recent ones are represented below. One that isn't, and who deserves mention, is the noted travel author and TV personality, Arthur Frommer. He had me on his "Almanac of Travel" show on the Travel Channel on two occasions. One of those was particularly exciting, because we taped it on the roof of the venerable (and now-extinct) Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, after nightfall. Our timing had to be good, so as not to be interrupted by the regular eruptions of the "volcanoes" at the Mirage Hotel across the street! I would love to have included something from Arthur, on this page, but unfortunately, no transcripts still exist, to the best of my knowledge, of either of those shows.

     That said, I give a big "Thank you!" to Arthur and all the rest of my hosts. And I invite you to read what they've had to say about this job, by clicking on the links in each section, below.

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The Dolans
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Daria and Ken

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Rudy Maxa

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Rudy Maxa's World,
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