Travel Job Aptitude Test

Do YOU Qualify for
the World's Most Enjoyable Travel Job?


This Aptitude Test will accurately assess your qualifications for performing what may well be the world's most enjoyable travel job. At the same time, it will test your knowledge of the job itself.

The Aptitude portion is the important part, because if you qualify, then the few minutes you spend visiting this website may very well prove to be a major turning point in your life. The "knowledge" portion may simply provide you with a few surprises.

You will be presented, now, with a battery of 14 multiple-choice questions.

To ensure your privacy with respect to one or two sensitive questions, your answers will not be submitted for transmission over the Internet. It was necessary to include those questions, in order to provide you with an accurate assessment of your aptitude for this job. Therefore, follow this procedure: Number a sheet of paper from 1 to 14, and then write the letter of each of your answers on that page, accordingly, as you take the test.

After completing the last question, scroll down a bit to the "Scoring" section, and see how well you did. Based on the results, you may then wish to click on the link that will take you to our Home Page, where you can get ALL of the details.

Good luck. We hope that you measure up!


  1. We've all seen cars and pickup trucks being transported on the back of large, car-carrying trucks, from the factories to the dealerships where they are sold. But 99% of these vehicles are never transported on trucks. Which choice below BEST fits what we just described as "these vehicles?"

    • (a) School Busses
    • (b) Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
    • (c) Ambulances
    • (d) All of the above
    • (e) None of the above

  2. What is your marital status?

    • (a) Never-married, Divorced, or Widowed; no children
    • (b) Never-married, Divorced, or Widowed, one or more pre-school-age children
    • (c) Never-married, Divorced. or Widowed; one or more school-age children
    • (d) Married, no children
    • (e) Married, with pre-school-age children
    • (f) Married, with one or more school-age children

  3. Some brand-new "Class C" RVs, like the one pictured above, are transported
    from the factories to the dealerships by train. How many?

    • (a) Fewer than one in 1,000
    • (b) About 1 in a hundred (1%)
    • (c) About 20%
    • (d) About half of them
    • (e) Almost ALL of this type of vehicle are transported by train.

  4. What is your age?

    • (a) Under 18
    • (b) 18-25
    • (c) 26-35
    • (d) 36-50
    • (e) 51-64
    • (f) 65 or over

  5. To drive a brand-new school bus, carrying no school children or paying passengers,
    what is the minimum driver's license requirement?

    • (a) Ordinary operator's license, or a chauffeur's license
    • (b) Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with Passenger Endorsement
    • (c) Class B CDL with passenger endorsement
    • (d) Class B CDL without passenger endorsement
    • (e) Any class CDL will suffice.  No endorsements necessary.

  6. What is your gender?

    • (a) Male
    • (b) Female

  7. Some of the brand-new vehicles we've talked about in this test are driven from the
    factories to the dealerships.  How many such drivers do this work in North America?

    • (a) 200-300
    • (b) 500-1,000
    • (c) About 5,000
    • (d) 15,000-20,000
    • (e) About 100,000

  8. Remember, now, that you are NOT submitting this test over the Internet, or to
    any other person. Your answers are totally private. Which of the following choices
    best describes your current driving record?

    • (a) Perfectly clean
    • (b) One or two small infractions within the last 3 years
    • (c) Three to five small infractions within the last three years
    • (d) Record includes one serious mark (such as drunk driving, or a serious
      accident that was your fault) within the last 2 or 3 years.
    • (e) Record includes two or more serious marks within the last 2 or 3 years.
    • (f) You don't drive, and have no license.

  9. Of the people who are involved in driving brand-new vehicles from the factories
    to their points of sale, how many have regular, "9-to-5"-type jobs, and do that work
    ONLY on weekends?

    • (a) One in a hundred (1%)
    • (b) One of every 50 (2%)
    • (c) One of every ten (10%)
    • (d) About half of them (50%)
    • (e) Nearly ALL of them do it that way.

  10. Do you enjoy driving?

    • (a) You never drive.
    • (b) No. Not at all.
    • (c) You can take it or leave it.
    • (d) You enjoy it.
    • (e) You love to drive, as much as you would enjoy pursuing a hobby.

  11. How much do knowledgeable drivers who deliver brand-new vehicles by
    driving them, and are working full-time, typically earn in a year?

    • (a) $10,000 - $12,000
    • (b) $15,000 - $20,000
    • (c) $25,000 - $35,000
    • (d) $45,000 - $60,000
    • (e) Over $75,000

  12. What is the highest level of education you've completed?

    • (a) 3rd grade or less
    • (b) Between 4th and 8th grade
    • (c) Some high school.  No diploma or GED.
    • (d) High school.  (Either by diploma or GED)
    • (e) Some college.
    • (f) Undergraduate college degree.
    • (g) Some graduate school, but no higher degree.
    • (h) One or more graduate school ("higher") degrees.

  13. Most of the drivers who deliver brand-new vehicles are independent contractors.
     That means that they:

    • (a) Need to seek new work every time they complete a trip.
    • (b) Suffer "feast or famine."  There are often long periods of time with no income.
    • (c) Have no income taxes withheld.
    • (d) All three of the above choices are true.
    • (e) None of the above choices are true.

  14. Does the idea of travelling overseas, and seeing new lands on your vacations, appeal to you?

    • (a) No.  Not in the least.
    • (b) Yes, a little bit.
    • (c) Yes, that would be enjoyable from time to time.
    • (d) Yes, that would be an adventure!  You'd love to do that!

    STOP. This ends the Testing portion. Please check carefully to be sure of your answers, and to ensure that you haven't accidentally skipped any of them, before scrolling beyond this point. The Scoring portion is next.


    The EVEN-numbered questions were the ones to determine your aptitude.
    Your answers to these questions will show whether or not you qualify for this job.

    The ODD-numbered questions were to test your current knowledge about this job.


    Put the appropriate score for each answer, next to your answers:

    Question 2 - - - A=5...  B=3...  C=1...  D=5...  E=3...  F=2
    Question 4 - - - A=0...  B=5...  C=5...  D=5...  E=5...  F=5
    Question 6 - - - A=5...  B=5
    Question 8 - - - A=5...  B=5...  C=5...  D=1...  E=0...  F=0
    Question 10 - - A=0...  B=0...  C=2...  D=4...  E=5
    Question 12 - - A=5...  B=5...  C=5...  D=5...  E=5...  F=5...  G=5...  H=5
    Question 14 - - A=3...  B=3...  C=4...  D=5

    Add up your scores, and then read the analysis below that applies to you.

    • 14 - 20. This job is probably not your cup of tea, but we hope you enjoyed taking the test.  Go to the Knowledge portion.  Then go to our Home Page to learn all the details. You may have a friend or relative who would love to do this job.  And we wish you the very best for a bright future in whatever field suits you the best.

    • 21 - 25. You are a marginal candidate for this job. See the scoring for the Knowledge portion, and then continue to our Home Page to learn more. Then make your decision. Whatever happens, we wish you the best.

    • 26 - 35. This may be the job of your dreams! Especially if your score is at or near 35. Check out your Knowledge Score, and then go to our Home Page to learn some things that will probably FASCINATE you!

    Prior Vehicle-Delivery Knowledge

    Give yourself 5 points for each CORRECT answer.  (Incorrect ones score 0.)

    Question 1 - - -  D
    Question 3 - - -  A
    Question 5 - - -  A
    Question 7 - - -  E
    Question 9 - - -  C
    Question 11 - -  D
    Question 13 - -  C

    Add up your scores, and see how you did.

    • 25-35 -- Born to Travel!  You know more about this job than 98% of those around you!

    • 15-20 -- Sharper than the Average Bear!  But you have a LOT of surprises coming!

    • 0-10 --- Average!  Most people don't score higher that this, so don't feel bad!!  And you will be
                    amazed by what you're about to learn when you click on the "Home" button, below!

All set?  Then let your adventure begin!


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